• Podcast: Acupuncture for fertility – female menstrual health

    Podcast: Acupuncture for fertility – female menstrual health

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    Action For Wellness is a project ran by Maya Harish and Nava Avraham. Maya is a naturopath practising in Israel and she is currently studying towards her MSc degree. Nava is a parenting consultant who specialises in helping parents solve problems and issues in order to become a calmer, better parent.

    Their mission is to inspire and empower women. They are out to help you improve your life and well-being by implementing small, simple changes in order to feel happier, more fulfilled and to help you regain your peace of mind.


    On episode #9 of their Action For Wellness podcast, Maya interviews our clinician Sandro Graca to discuss fertility, infertility, why women need to get to know their menstrual cycle and how they can keep their hormones and themselves happy. You can listen to this podcast by clicking here (this will open a new window).


    We featured this podcast in one of our vlogs for our YouTube channel:

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    Learn more about Action For Wellness

    Please check Action For Wellness on social media like Facebook and Instagram, and feel free to get in touch with Maya and Nava with any questions you might have by clicking here.

    ACTION FOR WELLNESS – Your path to health and well-being. If you wish to know more about Action for Wellness, please visit their website (click the picture below to open a new window).

    Action For Wellness

    If you have any questions about fertility, female menstrual health, IVF and assisted reproduction, or pregnancy please feel free to contact The Acupuncture Clinic.

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