• Sarah Budd

    Sarah Budd

    Sarah Budd is a qualified midwife and acupuncturist.

    Sarah set up an acupuncture service in Plymouth Maternity Unit in 1988, after completing a degree in Complementary Health Studies at Exeter University. In 1991, Sarah was awarded the prestigiousChurchill Fellowship Award to study acupuncture anaesthesia in China.

    Sarah was appointed as the UK’s first full-time acupuncturist midwife funded by the public National Health Service (NHS) in Plymouth. To date over 6,000 pregnant women have been treated with acupuncture on the NHS in Plymouth, and the service was joint winner of the Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health Award in 2001.

    Sarah co-authored a report for the Department of Health with Simon Mills, “Professional Organisation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the United Kingdom 2000″ and worked as a Research Assistant on the Regulation of Complementary Medicine, and in the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre.

    Sarah has contributed to text books and journals and continues to work in clinical practice and teach in acupuncture colleges / universities.

    “It is a joy to offer help to women struggling in pregnancy, who would not otherwise be able to afford treatment.” Sarah Budd.


    After 24 years of pregnancy acupuncture on the NHS, I have now retired from midwifery but remain passionate about the use of TCM in obstetric care.

    Sarah Budd
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