• The Fertile Fizz – Jani White

    Making babies should be HOT, it should be FUN, not a chore. It’s all about ‘Keeping it SEXY while you are trying to conceive’.

    Jani White, Author “The Fertile Fizz”

    About the Author

    Jani White is one of the UK’s leading integrative fertility practitioners who lectures internationally and nationally in her subjects (hormones), as well as bringing her 25 years experience in all aspects of pregnancy & childbirth, and in men s health, menopause and support for teens.

    Jani practices within a western medical fertility clinic in England’s prestigious Harley Street where she blends the best of Western medicine with Chinese medicine. Her ambition is to help teach people about the pathway to genuine health.

    Jani brings a fresh voice with a tempered approach to helping people find their own way to the solutions they need to find.


    The Fertile Fizz – buy it now on Amazon

    Fertile Fizz

    Click the link to buy The Fertile Fizz on Amazon.

    Today, one in four of us trying for a baby will encounter difficulties, so there could be no better time for The Fertile Fizz. Essentially, a very sexy biology lesson, this ground-breaking book by Jani White, the UK’s leading fertility expert in integrative medicine, teaches us that in order to conceive we need to embrace the fizz in our relationships. 

    Offering sound advice and warm wisdom about the unspoken side of procreation, Jani delivers powerful and practical ways to approach these highly emotive issues, with her characteristic honesty and charm. 

    Beautiful erotic illustrations by Carolyn Weltman and sensual poetry by Rebecca Deacon combine with Jani’s expert advice to get you back in the mood and take the tension out of trying to conceive.

    Jani White and our clinicians

    Sandro Graca Siobhan Seville Jani White Integrative Fertility Symposium

    Sandro Graca, Siobhan Seville, and Jani White at the Integrative Fertility Symposium, Vancouver BC, Canada

    We first met Jani White in 2008 and have since been studying and learning from her amazing wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise. I know she doesn’t like it when we say this, but…we do owe the start of our fertility acupuncture careers to Jani’s fantastic support throughout the years! We love you, Jani!!

    Siobhán Seville & Sandro Graca

    Sandro Graca Jani White







    Jani is a writer and lecturer, an acupuncturist, doula and antenatal teacher with over 24 years experience of UK maternity and gynaecology services.

    In London she practices in Mayfair and Harley St, and runs both a Fertility & Pregnancy clinic as well as a dedicated Men’s Health Clinic for reproductive, sexual and uro-genital issues.

    Jani teaches extensively in Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Fertility, and Andrology, both nationally and internationally, based from the MA degree program she wrote for Oxford Brookes University. She is the Founder and was Chair of the Acupuncture Fertility Network (AFN) 2006-14, and she set up and chaired ACT London (Acupuncture for Childbirth Team) 2006-13.

    She also teaches courses for midwives and fertility practitioners, as well as teaching fertility awareness and antenatal classes for prospective and expecting couples.

    Jani has supported hundreds of couples through their pre-conception, assisted conception, pregnancies and childbirths and has attended many labours, at home, in community units, at midwife-led units and in hospital. Jani has extensive experience of high risk pregnancies.

    To us, Jani is all that, plus: a great friend! Siobhán and I have learnt so much from Jani and we are so proud of her accomplishments. We remember hearing about this book around our dinner table and reading excerpts of the manuscript at Jani’s dinner table – our professional relationship grew into a fantastic friendship that we cherish with all our love, appreciation, and respect for her determination and devotion to her patients and our profession.

    Personal message from Sandro and Siobhán

    After the amazing time we had at the Integrative Fertility Symposium 2016, Jani had a surprise for us and presented us with a signed copy of The Fertile Fizz. This was a fantastic night, lovely meal with Lorne Brown, Stuart Zoll, and Debra Betts.

    Debra Betts Lorne Brown Jani White Stuart Zoll Siobhan Seville Sandro Graca Integrative Fertility Symposium

    We are so very proud of being able to call these amazing people “our friends” and we really mean it! Their help and support throughout the years goes way beyond improving our careers – it means that our patients are getting the benefits of our professional development. As professionals and as friends, we thank you all very, very much and we wish Jani all the success in the world!

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