• Share Your Experience

    Share Your Experience

    Finally(!), our clinicians have agreed to create a “testimonial” / “thank you” webpage (if you like) and we would be extremely grateful and proud to share your comments, your experiences and your advice to everyone that might be considering acupuncture treatment and wants to know more about TCM Ireland, Siobhán, and/or Sandro.

    Please feel free to write about how acupuncture helped you, what were your expectations, what was your experience, how it changed things for you, etc – think of it as advice towards others that might be considering acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment and might have loads of questions that they don’t know how to ask. Please be truly honest, and give the readers a real life report from what it is like to visit our clinicians and getting treatment(s) in our clinics.

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  • Integrative Fertility Symposium 2016 and other important announcements

    Integrative Fertility Symposium 2016 and other important announcements

    Changes to clinic days / hours – important announcements: there are three very important events taking place towards the end of April and beginning of May that will affect the normal running of the acupuncture clinics.

    Siobhán and Sandro will be away from the clinics from April 23rd until May 4th (Siobhán) and May 11th (Sandro) as they will be present at the AFPA’s AGM and Conference in Maynooth, Co. Kildare, the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, and the TCM Kongress in Rothenburg, Germany.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused to our patients and we thank you all for your understanding.

    Ultimately, it is in the patients’ best interest that our clinicians stay at the forefront of developments in this medical field and we hope that Siobhán and Sandro continue to be an example for others to follow in the area of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, especially fertility acupuncture.

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  • Acupressure for labour onset and labour duration

    Acupressure for labour onset and labour duration

    As a mum-to-be you need to know that acupressure is safe and may also control pain during child birth and support your body as it proceeds towards labour. Here we explore some of the evidence for the efficacy of acupressure

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  • Acupuncture! Do you get it?

    Acupuncture! Do you get it?

    For the patients that are not being referred by another health professional and are looking for acupuncture treatment for the first time, their main concern should be that the practitioner that they attend is fully qualified, registered and insured.
    The regulatory body (like the AFPA) will have an up-to-date database of acupuncturists that have done the necessary training hours and exams to be fully licensed to practice – this is true for Ireland and for other countries as well.

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