• New location – the acupuncture clinic in Dundrum

    New location – the acupuncture clinic in Dundrum

    The Acupuncture Clinic in Dundrum has moved to Rockfield Central, Balally LUAS stop, Dundrum.

    After 8 years in the Primacare Medical Centre and 2 years in the Station House, Siobhán’s acupuncture clinic has now moved to Rockfield Medical Campus, just off the Balally LUAS stop in Dundrum.
    Please check the amazing setting of Yoga Dublin at www.yogadublin.com

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  • YouTube Channel – Video Blog Posts

    YouTube Channel – Video Blog Posts

    We use our YouTube channel to interact with YOU! Post your questions about acupuncture or Chinese Medicine in general under the videos and we will address them as precisely as we can in our weekly video blog posts.

    Currently, we are exploring platforms and developing the concept where you will have access to both the clinicians (Siobhán Seville and Sandro Graca) LIVE! for approx. 45mins-1h. This is a project still in development, so please subscribe to the YouTube channel and you will be kept up to date with all the news.

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  • Acupuncture Vlog #1

    Acupuncture Vlog #1

    Video Blog Post #1 This is our first acupuncture vlog (video blog) post. Please leave your comments and questions you want us to address in future blogs. On this episode, “Does acupuncture hurt?”: we look at acupuncture needles in detail and compare / contrast with syringe needles; show you what an acupuncture needle looks like;

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  • Share Your Experience

    Share Your Experience

    Finally(!), our clinicians have agreed to create a “testimonial” / “thank you” webpage (if you like) and we would be extremely grateful and proud to share your comments, your experiences and your advice to everyone that might be considering acupuncture treatment and wants to know more about TCM Ireland, Siobhán, and/or Sandro.

    Please feel free to write about how acupuncture helped you, what were your expectations, what was your experience, how it changed things for you, etc – think of it as advice towards others that might be considering acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment and might have loads of questions that they don’t know how to ask. Please be truly honest, and give the readers a real life report from what it is like to visit our clinicians and getting treatment(s) in our clinics.

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