• Getting to the point

    Getting to the point

    After releasing his award-winning film 9000 Needles, Doug Dearth traveled across the United States screening his film for colleges, hospitals, schools and clinics, with one thing in mind; to bring awareness to acupuncture as an amazing, and often times over-looked, medicine.

    With support from the non-profit Acupuncture Now Foundation, Doug’s newest documentary film, Get To The Point, will dive deeper into the implementation of acupuncture in today’s Western medicine.

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  • Sandro Graca, member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

    Sandro Graca, member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

    Our clinician Sandro Graca is the first Acupuncturist in Ireland to become a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine!

    The ASRM is a non-profit organization whose members must demonstrate the high ethical principles of the medical profession, evince an interest in infertility, reproductive medicine and biology, and adhere to the objectives of the Society.

    The ASRM is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to the advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine. The Society accomplishes its mission through the pursuit of excellence in education and research and through advocacy on behalf of patients, physicians, and affiliated health care providers.

    The Society is committed to facilitating and sponsoring educational activities for the lay public and continuing medical education activities for professionals who are engaged in the practice of and research in reproductive medicine.

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  • British Acupuncture Council – 2016 Conference

    British Acupuncture Council – 2016 Conference

    Our clinicians Siobhán Seville and Sandro Graca had the pleasure of attending the British Acupuncture Council’s (BAcC) Conference in Wokefield Park, Reading, UK – an enlightening event full of learning, friendship, and sharing.

    Along with a stellar line-up of lecturers addressing the topics of cancer, fertility, and emotions, there were also stand-alone masterclasses taught by some of the great acupuncture luminaries of our time.

    There were also a number of fun social events to add an extra lustre to the proceedings, including a drinks reception and a fantastic Saturday night party, plus lunchtime meetings and lectures.

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  • Acupuncture for the treatment and prevention of headache and migraine

    Acupuncture for the treatment and prevention of headache and migraine

    A huge portion of the population, males and females alike suffer from quite painful, very uncomfortable and sometimes even debilitating headaches which are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, noise, and smell. This particular type of headache is called “migraine”.

    A 2016 Cochrane Review concluded that: “The available evidence suggests that adding acupuncture to symptomatic treatment of attacks reduces the frequency of headaches. The available trials also suggest that acupuncture may be at least similarly effective as treatment with prophylactic drugs. Acupuncture can be considered a treatment option for patients willing to undergo this treatment.”

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