• Seminar – Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – with Dr Gil Barzilay

    Seminar – Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – with Dr Gil Barzilay

    Capitalising on the rapid expansion of TCM Clinical Research in the last decade, this course aims to show the participants how to access, understand, and utilize publications in TCM Research in their practice.

    First EVER Seminar on Research and Evidence in TCM and Acupuncture in Dublin, Ireland

    Gil Barzilay research

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    Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – and how it can serve as a real tool in the TCM clinic.

    – with Dr Gil Barzilay PhD, Dip CM (IATCM, ETCMA)

    Gil Barzilay research and evidenceThe Lecturer

    Your lecturer is Dr Gil Barzilay PhD, a prominent researcher from Israel. He is a lecturer and a regular blogger on hot topics on evidence and research in TCM. He is currently also the Head of Research of the European TCM Association (ETCMA). Having lectured all over Europe, Dr Barzilay now brings his Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture course to Ireland.

    Do not miss this amazing opportunity to learn more about:

    How research is conducted, both in Western Medicine and in Chinese Medicine;

    Why research in Chinese medicine is so important;

    How you can interpret and use the published research in your day to day clinical practice;

    The latest evidence in Chinese medicine in different therapeutic areas.

    On Day 1 you will learn the basics of research in general, TCM research, looking for publications and assessing their value.

    On Day 2 you will get to the “nitty gritty” and Dr Barzilay will review with you research publications in 10 therapeutic areas. All include mainly Acupuncture, but also Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Gua Sha, Moxibustion and Cupping (where relevant). Topics included:

    Mechanism of action of acupuncture – how does it work?

    Shen – Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety

    Fertility and Gynaecology

    Menopause and Hot Flashes

    Chronic Fatigue and/or Fibromyalgia

    Respiratory – Asthma and Allergy, COPD

    Digestive System




    Pregnancy and Obstetrics

    Cost-Effectiveness of Acupuncture

    Treatment Guidelines

    Participants will:

    1. Understand why TCM research is important and how it serves as a real tool for us as therapists in our day-to-day:
      • In our daily practice (new protocols, supportive evidence);
      • Improve communication by discussing evidence with patients and with other professionals (both Western and Eastern medicine) who are not fully aware of TCM effectiveness or would like to know more on how it works;

    2. Understand the basics of evidence-based medicine and clinical research – types of studies, methodologies, outcomes;

    3. Understand the issues related to research in Chinese Medicine and how to interpret them (for example: sham acupuncture);

    4. Be taught where to look for publications in TCM research, how to assess their value;

    5. Receive a review of up-to-date 30-40 publications in approximately 10 therapeutic areas (see examples below).

    Date and Location

    The event will take place in the Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport. This hotel is conveniently located near Dublin airport and is accessible via the M50 and the M1. There is free parking for all the participants as part of the registration fee.

    February 10th: 9:30am to 5:30pm

    February 11th: 9am to 3:30pm

    Mel Hopper KoppelmanEXTRA BONUS: on February 11th at 3:45pm you will have the privilege of attending the Facebook Live Q&A session where Dr Gil Barzilay will be joined by Mel Hopper Koppelman, Evidence Based Acupuncture Director.

    Places are limited so register now!

    Tea, coffee, biscuits, and pastries on the breaks included. Lunch is not included.

    Very special early-bird registration: €279 (valid only until December 31st or until places are full). Includes exclusive offers:

    Pro D Seminars 25% discount code;

    1 year EBA Connect membership (worth $79);

    ICCM Congress 2018 10% discount on Congress days.


    Registration now open!

    *Please note that registrations will be taken on a “first come, first served” basis. Places are limited and the offers of discounts for the ICCM, EBA Connect and Pro D Seminars discount are exclusive for early-bird registration. Registration after the early-bird deadline is €385 (discount codes and EBA Connect membership NOT INCLUDED).

    This magnificent event has been made possible by the collaboration with Evidence Based Medicine, the support of the ICCM, and the sponsorship by Pro D Seminars.

    Gil Barzilay research

    Thanks to their generous support and dedication to our profession, we are able to offer the early bird registrants and amazing saving of €106 PLUS the 25% discount code for ANY course on Pro D Seminars, one year EBA Connect membership worth $79, AND if any of our early bird registrants is going to the ICCM (March 13th to 15th 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel), they will get a 10% discount on Congress days! These fantastic offers are exclusively for the EARLY BIRD only!!

    Remember: places are limited and after December 31st, full registration fee is €385 (discount codes and EBA Connect membership NOT INCLUDED).

    Terms and Conditions


    All fees are charged in EUR

    Cancellation Policies – All cancellation requests must be made in writing to info@acuvlog.ie

    Up to December 31st, 2017, you will be charged a €45 cancellation fee.

    NO Refunds will be given after January 1st, 2018 . There are no refunds for “no-shows”.

    Registration in non-transferable and cannot be sold. Only those on our master registration list will be accepted into this course.

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