On this page, please find a number of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Chinese Medicine and its medical therapies, especially acupuncture.

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Chinese Proverb

``He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.``

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.


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Latest Blog Posts

    • 12 NOV 17
    Seminar – Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – with Dr Gil Barzilay

    Seminar – Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – with Dr Gil Barzilay

    First EVER Weekend of Research and Evidence in TCM and Acupuncture in Dublin, Ireland – with Dr Gil Barzilay.

    Research and Evidence in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – and how it can serve as a real tool in the TCM clinic. Dr Gil Barzilay PhD, Dip CM (IATCM, ETCMA)

    Capitalizing on the rapid expansion of TCM Clinical Research in the last decade, this course aims to show the participants how to access, understand, and utilize publications in TCM Research in their practice.

    Very special early-bird registration: €279 (valid only until December 31st or until places are full). Includes exclusive offers:
    – Pro D Seminars 25% discount code;
    – 1 year EBA Connect membership (worth $79);
    – ICCM Congress 2018 10% discount on Congress days.

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    • 14 OCT 17
    Sandro Graca – ICCM Ambassador

    Sandro Graca – ICCM Ambassador

    Since 2007, the ICCM Congress is the biggest event for Chinese Medicine in Israel, bringing each year world-renowned professionals from abroad for a 4-days professional and educational conference, allowing Israeli and International therapists to learn and share knowledge together.

    ICCM Congress #11 will be held in Tel Aviv from the 13th of March untill the 15th of March 2018.

    Our clinician Sandro Graca has been appointed an Ambassador for the ICCM – you can see the full list of international Ambassadors following the link in the post.

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    • 20 AUG 17
    Podcast: Acupuncture for fertility – female menstrual health

    Podcast: Acupuncture for fertility – female menstrual health

    Action For Wellness is a project ran by Maya Harish and Nava Avraham. Maya is a naturopath practising in Israel and she is currently studying towards her MSc degree. Nava is a parenting consultant who specialises in helping parents solve problems and issues in order to become a calmer, better parent.

    Their mission is to inspire and empower women. They are out to help you improve your life and well-being by implementing small, simple changes in order to feel happier, more fulfilled and to help you regain your peace of mind.

    On episode #9 of their Action For Wellness podcast, Maya interviews our clinician Sandro Graca to discuss fertility, infertility, why women need to get to know their menstrual cycle and how they can keep their hormones and themselves happy.

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    • 01 AUG 17
    Acupuncture for prostatitis – vlog #22 and #23

    Acupuncture for prostatitis – vlog #22 and #23

    Our acupuncture vlog turned one year old! Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback and for making it a success.

    We value our viewers and therefore we took the suggestion from one of the viewers (who is actually a patient in The Acupuncture Clinic) and recorded two vlogs about chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome. We talked about the different types of prostatitis, looked at the symptoms to watch out for, the research published about acupuncture for the treatment of prostatitis, and also talked about the main dietary and lifestyle advice.

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